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There is no brand like us That fully understands your cooperate, sports or event needs, and can turn it around into a succesful apparel or accessory product line that we can both design, produce, sell and organize. 


From the first paper scratch to a full blown event sales effort with multiple retail and online stores. We can do it all.


So if you want to make all that experience work for you, contact us. Whether it's 5 pieces or 50.000 you are looking for. We will find the best solution for you and can help you every step of the way. 

52 North is a young North European apparel and accessory brand. Known for functional, fashionable and casual styles. At 52 North we have years of experience under the belt. 


  • Experience in producing apparel. From small exclusive series up to 50.000 pieces if needed.

  •  Experience in fashionable design. Our designers have worked for the biggest brands from all over the world.

  • Experience in setting up retail activities, webshops and visual merchandising.

  • Experience in organizing corporate, public and sports events. 

  • Experience in marketing and sales. Understanding the urgence of cooperate identity. 

  • Experience in performing in sports at the highest level. Knowing that apparel can make or break a succesful result.


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